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Hello and a heartfelt welcome Im delighted you found me, as I don’t believe in coincidences, everything happens for a reason! My passion is Helping people like you understand and grow your own potential on your spiritual journey; let’s face it, we live in a stressful and challenging world with so many demands on an already busy life.

I am truly humble and honoured to work a psychic medium with my spirit team, I love my work and look forward to meeting you soon remember your loved ones are only a thought away. 

A little About Moi
My journey began as a little girl, seeing spirits standing in her room and then hearing them walking downstairs. I would often drag my father out of bed, telling him what she was experiencing! Then for many years, it all went quiet. Many years later, I was staring, seeing spirits standing before me, communicating and passing on their messages. I sat in many prestigious development circles (private and church), including physical mediumship, to gain experience and knowledge of how the spiritual realms work and build a close connection to her guides, angles and helpers.

I have been working as a full-time professional medium, qualified healer, teacher, and podcaster for many years appearing in many spiritual magazines, National newspapers, books and radio shows.

I am qualified Touch for health consultant, Rahanni celestial healing teacher, Lotus Chakra practitioner, and Reiki master.

I have worked with and taught clients worldwide, including America, Canada, Australia, Malaysia, Russia, Spain, France, and Estonia, to name but a few.


I would highly recommend Michelle to anyone that needs any spiritual healing or a reading. I went to Michelle to Michelle back in March 2018 1st of all for a reading. My mum had only passed in the late November but Michelle was able to make connection with my mum immediately. It gave me great comfort to know that my mum was ok and in a happy place. I have seen Michelle on a regular basis for spiritual healing ever since and can honestly say that this has helped me with my healing process. Michelle is amazing at her job and I would recommend her to anyone.

Natalie (Woking)

My experience with Michelle is just amazing. My first reading confirmed so much as my loving dad who passed away came through and the way Michelle spoke was as if she was having a conversation in the room with my dad it was just unbelievable and I felt his presence in the room. Michelle is an incredible lady and due to my health issues, she has provided me with healing sessions as well and I was a little sceptical at first but it definitely works and my health is getting better all the time. Michelle is so easy to talk to her emphatic nature and her ability to work with spirit world is amazing I haven’t met any reader/healing person ever that is like Michelle she gives so much I really can’t put it into words her amazing ability and kind nature. All I can do now is say thank you so much so much Michelle my life has changed and through your readings and healing I have found the strength and abilities within myself that I never thought I had so thank you much love.

Lou Bayliss Stubbington (Woking)

Had such a fabulous reading today with Michelle. She was so accurate and gave me the hope and confidence to carry on through difficult times love what you do.

Lynn Sleet (Bisley)

I just had to comment again to totally validate the reading I’ve just had from Michelle on the live feed. It was so spot on that I has tears running down my face I feel you have totally given me a gift today thank you so much.

Mandy Martin (London)

I’ve just walked for a good hour plus with no hip pain and this is all down to Michelle Morley.

Mrs Liz Bridger (Midhurst)

During my first conversation with medium, Michelle Morley, I was struck by her bright energy, clarity of thought and remarkable ability to connect quickly with my guide. Michelle and I met and spoke via Skype as I live in New York City. She had come very highly recommended from a friend of mine who had had an in-person session with Michelle in Great Britain. Michelle and my guide offered me clarity with regard to some complicated life situations I’d been dealing with and answered questions that had been gnawing at me for quite some time. Following our conversation, I felt relieved to have found someone to offer this extraordinary assistance. Although we communicated through Skype, I felt as if we were sitting across the table from each other, fully connected. I highly recommend Michelle as a gifted medium and beautifully “positively charged” advisor.

Diana Montanti (New York)

Michelle is simply wonderful and truly gifted and thank you for all your hard work. She connects with your energy and provides wisdom and guidance and most importantly is professional and uses her skills with compassion, sincerity and honesty. I’m always surprised how accurate Michelle’s readings are and always feel confident to face the future with optimism and joy!crossroadspharm.com

NS (London)

I had not experienced kinesiology before but Michelle quickly put me at ease after my treatment for shoulder and knee pain along with feeling tired and stressed with life daily problems. The Next day i was out of pain and able to be able to do all the things i have been struggling with for the past 2yrs. My family have say that the transformation in me was incredible.

Mrs Marion Frost (Petworth)

I met Michelle at The Harry Edwards Healing Sanctuary where she gave a wonderful talk on kinesiology. I was so impressed I booked a healing with her and was amazed at what she told me, I then found out she was a medium as well! Michelle is a very grounded, talented woman who knows her stuff, she has written a book on nutrition and has appeared weekly in the press. I visit her regularly for a ‘top up’ and I always come away feeling so much lighter – I highly recommend her.

Carol Moores-Scott (Weybridge)