My experience with Michelle is just amazing. My first reading confirmed so much as my loving dad who passed away came through and the way Michelle spoke was as if she was having a conversation in the room with my dad it was just unbelievable and I felt his presence in the room. Michelle is an incredible lady and due to my health issues, she has provided me with healing sessions as well and I was a little sceptical at first but it definitely works and my health is getting better all the time. Michelle is so easy to talk to her emphatic nature and her ability to work with spirit world is amazing I haven’t met any reader/healing person ever that is like Michelle she gives so much I really can’t put it into words her amazing ability and kind nature. All I can do now is say thank you so much so much Michelle my life has changed and through your readings and healing I have found the strength and abilities within myself that I never thought I had so thank you much love.