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Hello and welcome to my blog. I will be giving you advice on all things spiritual and offering top tips to help you, your loved ones and your home.

I will share some of my personal experiences with you and give you an insight on how they have helped me and taught me so much. I am so happy to be able pass them onto you, hopefully you will find them interesting and useful and if you can find anything amongst my words that help you on a personal level to improve your life and enhance your world then that’s my job done! x

Let’s talk chakras…  The Basics16th October 2019 3:43 pm

Let’s talk chakras… The Basics

In this blog we are covering the 7 main chakras and their connection to our physical body.

By becoming more aware of our spiritual body systems and why we feel like we do we can become empowered to release and let go of anything that no longer serves us.

Chakra is the Sanskirt word for wheel which describes how these beautiful, subtle energy vortexes flow. Each chakra is connected to an area of the body from the top of the head, the crown to the base of the spine and each has its own characteristics and job role. However, they all work together beautifully. Our chakra systems can get overloaded from the modern-day life we live and we cannot recommend enough to have a healing treatment of your choice such as Reiki, Rahanni or Crystal therapy.

The body’s subtle energy systems are continually trying to be in balance.

After all, we are all energy…… right?

The chakra system can spin and vibrate at different levels. As we go up to the crown from the root our vibration becomes faster.

Let’s start at the base or root.
The colour associated with this chakra is red. The base chakra is all about grounding and the big issues of life such as career, finances, relationships… so, our feelings of security and our personal survival.


Next is the sacral chakra which is below the belly button, is orange in colour aand all about the flow of your creativity, sexuality and your relationships.Let’s start at the base or root.


The next chakra is the solar plexus, located just under the ribs. It is yellow and charged by the sun’s energy. It is the home of the ego (both positive and negative), our emotions, confidence and perception of self. When our ego is out of balance we can become ‘above ourselves’.


The heart chakra is located in the centre of the chest. Its colour can be either pink or green. It is the home of love, emotions and past hurts. We have to all come from a place of love, forgiveness and compassion as this is what truly connects us all together. Some believe it’s the home of the soul.


The next chakra is the throat which is blue and the centre of our communication. It is about speaking our truth, being mindful of our words to others and ourselves, speaking up and allowing free expression to flow.


Next we have the third eye chakra (brow) or psychic eye which is located in between the brows. It is indigo in colour and home of our intuition, psychic abilities and the ability to connect with others on a spiritual level.


The crown chakra is located at the crown of the head. It is white or violet and allows our true connection to the higher vibrations, the world of spirit and through which attunements for healing are received i.e. Reiki


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So, just the basics then...25th September 2019 4:12 pm

So, just the basics then...

So, to the basics, we are all energy vibrating 24 hours a day. Our energy systems are constantly changing, realigning, absorbing and releasing energy and like our psychical bodies they need looking after, protecting and nourishing. Imagine our energy systems are like blotting paper, literally absorbing all that is around you but also protecting you. Your seven layered Auric system holds all kinds of information about your past and your present both good and bad. In your charka energy system there are seven main chakras which start developing from birth and continue to bloom like beautiful flowers up to the age of approximately seven. Each one is connected to our psychical, mental, emotional and spiritual self, each one having their own individual purpose. I will go into this more in my next blog, the location of each Chakra their colours and purpose, plus I will also explain your Auric field and how to look after it to keep yourself well, happy and balanced as best we can in the modern stressful world we live in today.

We have all experienced walking into an environment and being instantly aware of a bad vibe, a feeling that you just don’t feel comfortable with. You are picking up the atmosphere and energy of the room, perhaps there has been an argument involving some very unhappy people, this all adds to the energy which may very well leave you feeling as if this energy has rubbed off on you a little leaving you feeling out of sorts. A great quick fix is a lovely sea salt bath, if you don’t have a bath then a bowl with sea salt in the water will do, just put your feet into the bowl and scoop the water up in your hands rubbing it over yourself. This really helps to absorb negative vibes.

Always remember that energy is all around us, life is ever lasting and our loved ones are only ever a thought away, many of my clients find this so reassuring and it helps them with their healing especially when they are grieving.